What is Murkheim?

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Murkheim (pre-alpha) is a realtime MMO RPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) played entirely with text (like the old Zork adventures from the 70s, but with a massive number of players in the same world). This is just a small, humble example of what a variety of game development and coding skills can do to make a game for others to play.

Thorgrid has other games in the works, but our primary focus is helping others like you learn more about coding and game development – all while making the experience fun.

Learn to code C# and find out what it takes to develop video games. Thorgrid offers free online courses and community resources to learn the fundementals. And when you’re ready to tackle more, we offer affordable online courses for a simple monthly subscription.

Like MMORPGs? Like text adventures? Not sure? Try the game Murkheim (it’s free forever).

Murheim is still in pre-alpha and is actively being worked on by Thorgrid to provide entertainment as well as an effective learning tool.

Author: Thorgrid

Instructor here at Learn@Thorgrid. Feel free to ask.