Player Commands

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CommandsWhat this command does…
look aroundSee where your character is currently
look atlook at something (ex. “look at bag”, “look at Hilda”)
look inlook in something (ex. “look in bag”)
move toMoves your character nearby to something (ex. “move to bag”, “move to grimoire”, “move to Hilda”)
sayCharacter says something to anyone nearby (ex. “say Hello!”). Alternatively, you can just type what you want to say like “Hello!”
shoutCharacter shouts something (ex. “shouts A dragon!”)
whisperWhispers to someone nearby (ex. “whisper Henry”). A prompt will ask what you would like to say
grabGrabs something that is nearby (ex. “grab sword”)
equipGrabs something that is nearby and puts it on your character (ex. “equip gloves”, “equip sword”, “equip backpack”)
put awayStores something that you are holding or have equipped into a container (ex. “put away gloves”)
dropDrops something that you have (ex. “drop sword”)
emoteEmote (ex. “emote dancing”, “emote angry”, “emote happy”)

There are many more commands for you to discover. See more commands by clicking in the Murkheim command text box and pressing the down arrow to get a list of available commands.

Murkheim also supports emoji and text emotes. Try typing in and sending; murkitten, murkhi or pepodance (from the command text box). There are many more emotes available and we are always adding more.

Author: Thorgrid

Instructor here at Learn@Thorgrid. Feel free to ask.