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Thorgrid software courses – watch, learn and do the lessons necessary to develop fundamental computer programming and game development skills. Courses for all ages and development levels from beginner to more advanced knowledge. Personal tutoring, training, as well as, business consulting available in addition to online courses and media. Free courses available for an introduction to software fundamentals. Paid subscriber levels (novice, apprentice, journeyman) that unlock more advanced content and benefits.

Want to know the fundamentals of coding a computer program for Windows? Want to know how you can make your own video games? Our philosophy, and online courses, start from strong fundamentals. We build on that strong foundation adding more advanced topics for you to learn at your own pace.

Get help from our online community via discord. On our discord, paid and non-paid subscribers alike, help each other post and answer questions. Get one-on-one time via our special Patreon tutor, training or consulting subscription levels.

What are the benefits of supporting this project?

  • Start a journey of knowledge discovery and skill creation
  • Meet like minded people and share each other’s learning experience
  • Learn programming fundamentals and coding in C#
  • Play our community online RPG Murkheim
  • Make new friends!

Author: Thorgrid

Instructor here at Learn@Thorgrid. Feel free to ask.