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Become a patron

Patron subscribers help fund the development of new courses and online media. Subscribers have a clear voice to suggest what those courses and media could be.

What do you get as a free member?

  • Access to the free courses on the fundamentals of coding
  • Access to the non-subscriber chat channels on our official Discord server
  • Access to our community online RPG Murkheim
  • All members (free and subscriber) get extra gold just from being in our Discord chat! (gold can be spent in our community online RPG Murkheim)

What are the subscriber levels?

Other than the free courses available for the fundamentals, we have three monthly subscriber levels.

What do you get as a subscriber?

  • Subscriber only advanced learn to code C# online videos
  • Access to our Discord (with access to emotes and subscriber only chat)
  • Power to suggest what topics and courses we should create in the future
  • Extra gold and drops from our community online RPG Murkheim

To learn more, and become a patron, click above or here.

More benefits will be added on a regular basis. The more people who join the community the more resources we’ll have to provide new content to experience in our learn, teach and do philosophy.

Author: Thorgrid

Instructor here at Learn@Thorgrid. Feel free to ask.